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Monitors with RF Studio™ – RF Record & Playback Software

Powerful RF record-and-playback software for capturing the real-world RF spectrum, including GNSS location data, radio, video and connectivity; LabVIEW plug-in support

Noise Figure, Spectrum, Power, Histogram views, DriveView module; available on Averna’s AST-1000, RP‑6100, RP-6500 and URT-5000

Need a powerful solution to accelerate your RF work?

If you’re doing traditional field-testing of RF receivers, you know how time-consuming and costly that can be. Environmental conditions, satellite positions, solar events and general interferences create huge variables and are almost impossible to reproduce. This extends receiver validation and testing time-frames.

With RF Studio on one of Averna’s multi-channel RF recorders, you can capture hours of real-world RF to accurately and consistently validate receiver design changes in your lab, allowing you to accelerate product-development and test schedules, while saving the high costs and inconveniences of repeated trips to the field.

Build a Complete Signal Library with RF Studio

Use the built-in signal templates or create your own for quick setup and recording. With the Noise Figure feature you can record weak signals and optimize gain, and with the Spectrum, Power, and Histogram views you can see and analyze all your captured RF signals, while the DriveView™ module provides a complete visual and contextual record of your recordings.