Test engineer managing automated factory

Test Automation is Key

For a smart factory to build reliable products, test is of the utmost importance. Eliminate errors and deliver consistent results with our automated test solutions.

Smart factory with robotic arms being controlled remotely

Profit from Predictability

Smart manufacturing opens your factory doors to deep learning. Let your assets guide you into making proactive business decisions while delivering better results.

Robotic arm being controlled remotely with Averna's ConnexThing

Make the Most of your Data.

With the amount of digital thread at your fingertips, let our smart tools translate your smart data into better products at faster speeds with a higher profit margin.

With Averna's expertise and global partnership network, your company's evolution through Industry 4.0 can be seamless and simple.


Averna ConnexThing

Averna is your link between PTC ThingWorx and NI’s TestStand. The cutting-edge ConnexThing delivers the next level of communication by easily and instantly transferring information between these two industry-leading technologies. Test can be simple.


Connect and Communicate faster with the Averna ConnexThing Toolkit.

Connected Test Solutions

We help our customers stay connected through every stage of the production lifecycle.

Learn More About our Industry 4.0 Test and Data Management Solutions

Cover of Smart Manufacturing Brochure

Smart Manufacturing Brochure

Averna’s Smart Manufacturing services and custom solutions are specially designed for your business.

Cover of Video for Smart Data Management


Watch how simple Test Data Management can be with Averna’s Software Suites.

Cover of Averna's Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

Read more on Averna and its global locations, offering every test solution to keep your product top quality.

Innovative Test Solutions for Advanced Systems

Deep learning ▪ Vision inspection ▪ Feature & defect detection ▪ Automated test equipment ▪ Digital twins ▪ Connected equipment ▪ Crisis control ▪ Failure analysis ▪ Digital transformation ▪ Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ▪ Smart data management ▪ Digital thread ▪ Smart manufacturing ▪ And more.