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RF Studio RF Record and Playback Software

Need a powerful solution to record RF signals?

Today’s RF experts, engineers and scientists need a comprehensive RF record-and-playback solution to accelerate their product design, validation and research projects. That’s because there’s no substitute for working with real-world RF signals. They provide the accuracy and repeatability not possible with drive tests or simulations.

Available for both cost-effective and high-performance platforms, RF Studio features smart RF-chain configuration, signal templates, and a handy Noise Figure to visualize signals and optimize gain. Within minutes you’ll be recording and storing radio, video or navigation signals for in-depth, repeatable analysis and testing.

What’s the right RF Studio platform for your RF projects?


Averna Platforms

RF Studio
for Averna Platforms

High-Performance RF Record and Playback

Want the most powerful recorder on the market?
Our award-winning RF Studio-powered test solutions for radio, video and GNSS give you utmost power and repeatability. Learn more >


RF Studio
for the USRP

Cost-Effective RF Record and Playback

Need a compact solution to advance your RF work?
Our innovative RF Studio for the USRP taps National Instruments’ USRP platform to capture up to 40 MHz of bandwidth. Learn more >

See our Comparison Chart for the ideal features, platform and performance for you.