DP-360 DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer

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DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer

Key Features

Real-time capture, filter and complete analysis of all DOCSIS MAC layer data through FPGA-based signal processing.

Analyzes up to 4 single or bonded upstream and 16 downstream channels, plus channel-filtering and display features.


Need to accelerate your broadband device testing?

Our DP-360 is the industry standard for functional DOCSIS and EuroDOCSIS network analysis, providing exceptional visibility into all layers of the network. Multiple system operators (MSOs), chipset manufacturers, product developers and certification bodies use it to quickly find and correct trouble spots.

Choose the Best Protocol Analyzer on the Market

Optimized for real-time signal processing with FPGA technology, the DP-360 analyzes up to 4 single or bonded upstream and up to 16 single or bonded downstream channels (with wide range of channel-filtering and display features), captures and filters DOCSIS MAC layer data in real-time, and allows full automation and remote operation – which increases your productivity so you can quickly troubleshoot a network issue or get your products to market faster than the competition.

For Multiple Devices and Verification Phases

  • System integration/verification
  • DOCSIS silicon design
  • Cable modem, set-top box and CMTS testing
  • Certification and qualification testing
  • Product development
  • Design verification
  • Network troubleshooting